Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Kid's a Child Actor... Again

Good Morning! Slept in til 9 this morning. I so needed that. After I get some work done this morning Jay, Taylor and I are going for a Short hike. I never was a big hiker but the scenery up here is just so breathtaking. Now I look forward to our hikes.

Later on today I need to drive to Santa Monica. T has a commercial audition. Not looking forward to the 5 PM 405 traffic. A few months ago we could have taken Topanga Canyon and avoided the parking lot. Not anymore and that's OK. I'd rather live where I live now and have to sit in traffic than where we use to live. Not that it was bad it's just another world up here and I like it.

T has an audition tomorrow for a pilot. She's more excited about that audition than the one today. When T was younger she use to do a lot of acting. When she went into 7Th grade she lost interest and I could not have been happier. Now two years later she wants to do this acting thing more than she ever wanted it before. Lucky me (this is me being sarcastic). I don't mind her doing it. It actually a good thing (for her). She's such a confident person because of the years she spent putting herself out there. I'm just not a big fan of all the driving that comes along with her little hobby. What we do for out children.

Off to make breakfast. I'm hungry!


  1. Hi! Just stopping in from the blog hop and following your blog.

  2. It's pretty awesome that you will go and drive her all over the place for something she wants to do :)