Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

The last few weeks have been wonderful. I decided to take a break from the computer. Except a few FB posts. :-D Our family came in town for the holidays. My niece and nephew stayed for an extra week. Loved every minute they were here. Wish they could have stayed longer. By New Years eve I was so exhausted. So we decided to stay in.

On Sunday it snowed. For the first time in a decade it snowed for five hours straight in LA. It was so beautiful. I loved every minute of it.

I turned 41 last week. :-D I went out to dinner with Jason and Taylor. I wanted Mexican (my favorite) so we went to Don Cuco's. Loved it!  Last night I went out with some friends to celebrate. First we went to Mad Bull's for Happy Hour then we headed over the hill to Rainbow for pizza. Great night with the ladies.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and Happy New years!

Cheyenne and Taylor decorating the cookies.

Christmas Eve

My girls

Liam and my brother Sean

Sean and my sister-in-law Shamira


Mom and Shamira

Michelle and Brit
Joan Jett


A Christmas Story. 


Liam made this for the tree when he noticed we didn't have one.

Snow in LA

The next morning. It was nice while it lasted.

My birthday cupcakes.

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  1. yay for family and leaving the cyber world behind! i did a little of that myself over the break. fun fun:)