Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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Cortisol- known as the stress hormone- is released when you exercise- a little cortisol every now and then is a good thing- if you have periods where its not continually raised it will encourage tapping into your fat as an energy source.

But when cortisol levels are always raised the body thinks its being attacked and instead of using fat as fuel, the body HOLDS onto fat. This is why we see that exercising every other day is better for weight loss. This is also why we see that when you go through periods of intense stress you hold onto weight and usually have intense cravings- remember the body thinks its under attack and you need fuel!

But heightened levels of cortisol will also start to affect our hormones- why is that? Because cortisol comes from the same building block that makes our hormones. You usually find that increased cortisol levels negatively affect mens testosterone levels and womens progesterone levels.

This can affect your stress levels and sex drive, trigger depression, migraines, affect your ability to lose weight, affect your thyroid and of course disrupt hormonal balance. In addition these affected hormone levels have been linked to cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Unfortunately eating a reactive food ALSO affects cortisol levels!
When you eat a reactive food histamine is automatically released- that's why you gain water weight right away. Cortisol is released in response to the histamine and once again our hormones are affected.

You can start to see that as we age and our body cannot repair as quickly as it did in our teens and perhaps our 20 how heightened cortisol levels will greatly affect weight loss and hormonal balance!

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