Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy Hour with the GQ to History of Rap 4

Last night, I went to my friend Michelle's launch of Happy Hour with the Green Queen.

What I learned last night...

Bosom Buddies was only on for two seasons. I could of sworn in was on for more.

When you help your friend wash a dish, it's cute. Yes, a youngster actually walked in on me washing a dish and said, "Your cleaning, how cute." I didn't wash another dish after that.

Sat between a vegan of nineteen years and a omnivore with a blog. That was fun!

When you ask a vegan of nineteen years what made them take the vegan route. Their answer: "As a vegan of nineteen years, that question gets old". Note to self: don't ask vegans anything they get cranky when they don't eat meat.

I was informed about the The Weston A Price Foundation. Took a quick look. When I have some time I'l have to check out what Weston talking about.

Wine labels and old Cd's make great drink coasters.

American Harvest, an organic vodka made in the US is very good.

Michelle makes the BEST drinks. But I already knew that.

Made it home just in time to catch Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon perform the History of Rap Part 4.


  1. Had to say "hi" my name is also Kelly Marie - but I'm guessing we don't share the same last name.. ha. The comment from the vegan of 19 years - reminds of an interview with Eve Plumb - she was getting angry with people asking her about the Brady Bunch - I was wondering what else does she have to talk about that is of any interest??? Same with the vegan - it's a different life style from the "norm" I have to agree - more meat would make them nicer...
    Love to you
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  2. The funny thing was the Vegan was so passionate about being a vegan while arguing with the omnivore with a blog. Since I didn't have an opinion on either side and I wanted to break up the arguing. I asked him the "I'm so tired of that question" question. I thought it was a legit question. I guess I should of just said "How about them bears"? I was kidding about not eating meat makes a vegan cranky, as I wouldn't know because I've never been one. So no offense to any vegans out there. More power to you. I know I couldn't do it.