Monday, October 24, 2011

Sense and Scare

This Halloween season we aren't afraid of the monsters at Six Flags Fright Fest or Halloween Horror Night at Universal . No, they don't scare us. 

The houses decorated to send us running? NO! 

All the horror films that the TV is flooded with? Doesn't scare us at all. 

But you know what has sent us jumping and screaming in fear for our life? 

The three Glade Sense and Sprays I just bought from CVS.

I put one in the hall bathroom, one in the master bathroom and one in the living room/dining room. At first it scared Taylor when she went to wash her hands in the bathroom. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. But then a few hours later it happened to me and Taylor was the one laughing. Now we are just waiting for the Glade to get Jason. Mwahahahahahaha!!!

Note: Other then jumping every time it senses and sprays I really like it. My home smells so good. I'm sure we'll get use to it.


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  3. How funny, we have the ones that are set on timers, and they always scare my cat.

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  6. that is so funny anyone that comes into my house and hears ours go off jumps and is like "what on earth what that noise?!??!?!?" it cracks me up EVERY time.

    "Glad, bring humor to the everyday by scaring your guests and children!"

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  7. Looks like fun!
    Is this Six Flags in Connecticut?
    I've never been there yet.

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  9. Funny! If you still have anyone in your home who has yet to experience it, could you film it for us ;)

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  11. Sounds scary ;)
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  12. HAHA this is hilarious!! I've always wanted to try those things out though. :)