Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Daylight Savings!

I love that we gain an extra hour. It's not even 1PM yet and I've already done so much.

I had to use up the rest of the apples I had so I made "Apple Breakfast Cake".

I got the idea for this cake from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen. Instead of Vegan sugar I used brown sugar. Instead of the egg replacer I used one egg and of course I replaced the blueberries with three apples.

I made Jason's lunch and snack for work. Watered the flowers, took Lexie for a walk on the trail and went to the Farmer's Market.

I scored at the maket. I got all this for under $20.00.

When I got home I was hungry so I made myself half a cheddar cheese bagel from Vons (to die for) with light cream cheese. I cut up a kiwi I got from the farmer's market. The two went so well together.

Just finished watching "Reign Over Me" with Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle. It was really good. I base the likeness of a movie on if it can either make me laugh so hard it hurts or touch me so deep it makes me cry. This movie made me cry. The acting was fantastic. I really like Adam Sandler. Years ago Jay and Taylor were at Jay's work and Adam was across the street at a restaurant filming a movie. Adam was out front and saw them watching and walked across the street to talk to them. Jay said he was a really nice guy.

Taylor is going to the mall today with her friend so I think I'm going to watch another movie.

♥ Kelly Marie

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