Monday, November 8, 2010

A New Meal out of Leftovers

I was so mad at myself earlier for not getting my morning workout in today. Then I got over it. I’ll just work out extra long tomorrow.

Today I had to pick up shirts J had brought to get embroidered for work. I couldn’t believe for the small four letters per the four shirts he had embroidered it cost $38.00 I don’t even think the shirts cost that much (thank you Ross). You’d think the machine I could hear in the back was just for show and they were doing it by hand at that price.

This daylight savings is throwing me off today. I prepared dinner at 5 thinking it was later. I’m not even hungry yet. I don’t like eating dinner early because I tend to get hungry right before bed when I do. Eating later works for us.

Mexican Casserole

To make tonight’s dinner I used my leftovers for Saturday nights dinner.
I took 3 flour tortillas and cut them up into squares.

Then I placed a single layer of the flour squares on the bottom of an oven safe dish.
I added a layer of rice I made sat. night.
Then I took the beans from the other night and drained the liquid they were in and rinsed them. In a sauce pan I added the beans and added the leftover enchilada sauce to the pan. Cooked for a couple minutes then layered the beans on top of the rice.
I added another single layer of the remaining tortilla squares on top of the beans.
Then I added a cheese sauce mixture I made by adding 1/2 cup of heavy cream (I know I’ve used a lot of heavy cream these past few days but I need to use it up) and three handful of shredded Monterrey jack to a sauce pan. Cooked over medium heat until melted.
I added two chopped tomatoes and 3 chopped green onions to the cheese sauce.

Cooked in a 350 degree oven until hot and bubbly about 45 minutes. I let it cool for 10/15 minutes for the cheese cool a bit.

This was good but a little heavy. Maybe I didn't need to use so much cheese. I will definitely have to double my workout tomorrow.

Good food choices I made today
Breakfast ~ 1 slice of whole wheat toast and 1 scrambled egg
Snack ~ orange
Lunch ~ almond nut and honey sandwich on whole wheat bread and a kiwi
Snack ~ healthy peanut butter cookie
Dinner ~ see above. ;)

Trader Joes has the best Almond Butter and Honey.

Today was good. We received two auditons for clients and we received the travel itinerary for one of our clients that is flying to NY next week for a few days to hang out with the director of a big studio film to play the lead.

Looking forward to Conan's premiere tonight. Oh how I missed you.


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